Who Will pay Your Medical Bills After an Accident?

Many car accident injuries require immediate medical attention, which can be extensive for serious injuries. However, anyone who has been to a doctor or emergency department in recent years knows how costly even basic medical treatments can be. Many accidents victims are rightfully concerned about who will cover their medical bills after a crash. Unfortunately, this concern can cause some victims to avoid seeking medical care altogether.

The good news is that auto accident victims in Florida have different options for having their medical bills paid. The best way to know all of your options—as well as the steps to take—is to discuss your accident and injuries with an experienced personal injury law firm as soon as you can. The Lawler Firm, P.A. can ensure that you receive the medical treatment you need without the worry of paying the medical bills.

PIP Coverage

Florida law requires all drivers to carry no-fault insurance called personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This insurance is intended to efficiently provide payment for your medical expenses even if someone else caused your crash. This means you can seek coverage regardless of who is at fault for the accident. PIP only covers 80 percent of your reasonable medical costs, however, and policies typically cap out at either $2,500 or $10,000 depending on your medical condition.

Medical Payment Coverage

When you purchase insurance, you have the option to purchase Medical Payments coverage, commonly called MedPay. MedPay is also no-fault coverage that can kick in to cover the 20% that PIP does not pay. In addition, if your medical bills are over $10,000, some MedPay policies can cover the additional bills that PIP will not. It is always a good idea to consider purchasing this coverage in case you suffer serious injuries and need to cover your expenses.

Claims Against the Negligent Driver

Some injuries are serious enough that the law gives you the right to go beyond your no-fault coverage and seek compensation from the at-fault driver and/or their insurance company. These claims can take time, however, and your bills and costs can add up in the meantime. Your attorney may be able to work with your medical providers and get them to agree to pause your bills until you resolve your claim.

Your Health Insurance

If you do not have MedPay or other adequate coverage, your health insurance can cover your remaining costs. However, if another driver caused the accident, your health insurer will likely try to recover its payments from any settlement claims that you receive.

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