What to do After a Hit and Run Accident

When you are in a Florida traffic accident, you the law requires you to remain at the scene afterward. You should exchange information and report the accident to authorities if any injuries resulted, and render reasonable assistance to any injured people. While most people abide by these requirements, some drivers violate the law and flee the scene of an accident right after it happens.

When you expect a driver to stop, who then drives off instead, it can jar and even shock you. In many cases, the driver who fled is the one who caused the accident, leaving you wondering how to pay for all of the medical care you need as well as your property damage. Try to stay calm and protect your rights.

Talk to witnesses - In some situations, witnesses will stop after they see an accident to help the injured and offer their sides of the story. Such witnesses can prove especially valuable after a hit and run accident, because they may have noticed the description of the driver, the vehicle, or even the license plate. Witnesses who were not involved in the crash may better remember what happened right afterward, react faster, and remember a license plate. Sometimes, witnesses can lead to the police catching the driver.

Call the police - If you need emergency medical attention, call 911 for an ambulance. However, even if you do not believe you need an ambulance, call the police to report what happened. Police can often respond quickly to take information from you and witnesses, then find the driver who left the scene.

Seek medical help - Even though the fact that the driver left may leave you preoccupied, get the medical attention you need for your injuries. A proper diagnosis is not only critical to ensure you receive the right treatment, but also so you can prove your losses to the insurance company or in a later legal claim.

Call a Florida car accident attorney - An experienced lawyer may review your case and identify your options for compensation for your medical bills and related losses. First, an attorney can help you obtain coverage from your personal injury protection (PIP) policy. If your losses exceed that policy’s limits, your attorney can assist you with an uninsured motorist claim, which can also cover hit and run situations. However, you must notify your insurance company about the crash within a specific timeframe, and you must prove the hit and run nature of the accident. Never delay in having an attorney start on your case.

How a Brandon Car Accident Lawyer Can Assist You

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