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A criminal history record that is expunged is physically destroyed or obliterated. The criminal history is retained by law enforcement but can only be accessed by court order. A criminal record that is sealed is confidential and exempt from disclosure except to the person at issue, the person’s attorney, law enforcement agencies and certain other entities listed by statute.

If your record is sealed or expunged, you can lawfully deny that the arrest ever took place in most circumstances. There are exceptions to this, however, including certain government employment applications.

You may qualify to have your record sealed or expunged if the charges were dropped or dismissed by the prosecutor, or if adjudication was withheld (you were not adjudicated guilty), and you have never sealed or expunged records previously.

There are many types of crimes that can be sealed or expunged, even if the charges were not dropped or dismissed including theft, assault, drug crimes, and some felony charges. There are, however, a number of crimes that cannot be sealed or expunged unless the charges were dropped or dismissed, or you were found not guilty. These include sexual battery, sex offenses involving children, arson, drug trafficking, domestic violence, DUI.

Also, if you were ever found guilty of, or pled no contest or guilty to, certain crimes – regardless of whether adjudication was withheld, your application to seal or expunge your records will be denied. These crimes include violent felonies and most sex crimes.

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