Fraud Charges

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Fraud charges generally involve obtaining something of value from another person by use of some sort of deceit or trickery. They are classified as crimes of dishonesty, and take many forms. In fact, Chapter 817, Florida Statutes, lists more than 75 fraud related crimes. Many of these crimes you may have had no idea could be charged as serious crimes. Some little known fraud charges include "Cheating" F.S. 817.29, and "Wrongful Use of City Name" F.S. 817.17.

Regardless of the type of fraud involved, the charges are serious. With some exceptions, most fraud charges are felonies that are punishable by incarceration in state prison, lengthy probation, fines and court costs, and restitution to the victim.

In addition to these penalties, fraud could result in the victim may pursuing damages in civil court, and could lead to difficulties in obtaining future employment.

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Fraud cases can be defended in many ways depending on the particular circumstances of your case. A Tampa Bay fraud defense attorney can discuss your options based on the facts of your case.

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