Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI) Attorney in Tampa Bay & Brandon Florida

Law enforcement and prosecutors vigorously pursue DUI charges. If you have been charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs), you face severe consequences, including suspension of your driver’s license, fines, probation, and possibly jail. It is important to hire a DUI lawyer as quickly as possible to protect your rights. Under Florida Statute 316.193, to be convicted of a DUI charge, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle within the state, and at the time you were driving you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that your normal faculties were impaired.

In DUI cases involving drugs, law enforcement obtains evidence based on the odor of marijuana, your body movements, color of your eyes, speech patterns, performance on field sobriety exercises, horizontal gaze nystagmus, and a blood or urine test. Refusal to provide a urine or blood sample may also be used as evidence, as it shows guilty fear of taking the test.

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When an officer suspects that you are driving under the influence, he or she will typically request that you perform certain tests to evaluate whether your “normal faculties” are impaired – usually on video. These tests include a finger-to-nose test, a one-legged stand, and heel-to-toe test. They are strictly scored by the officer, with any small mistake counting against you. In essence, this is an opportunity for the police to gather evidence that your normal faculties are impaired in case you refuse the breath test. Although there is no separate punishment for refusing to perform these tests, but refusing will almost always lead to your arrest. The possible minimum punishments vary based on the number of past DUI convictions, and the amount of alcohol in your system if you provided a blood or breath sample. Each individual’s criminal history may also impact any discretionary punishments.

DUI drug cases can be defended in many ways depending on the particular circumstances of your case. Many times the basis for the initial stop can be challenged. In other cases, the results of a urine test may be inconclusive, as urine tests show what was once in your system, and does not show how much of the drugs or when they were ingested. There are also potential defenses to the license suspension. A Tampa DUI defense attorney can discuss your options based on the facts of your case.

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