Dancer Violations

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Tampa Bay is nationally known for its adult nightlife, and its many adult entertainment businesses. Local governments, however, do not always share the enthusiasm of the patrons of these establishments. There are many local ordinances that apply to the behavior of dancers and entertainers. These ordinances change from location to location, and the type of establishment. These ordinances dictate whether contact in permitted, what type of clothing must be worn, how much nudity can be involved, and more.

Many times undercover detectives investigate these businesses. Entertainers may be arrested days or even weeks after the alleged violation. These violations can be punished as crimes, sometimes even with jail.

Dancer or Adult Entertainer charges cases can be defended in many ways depending on the particular circumstances of your case. In some cases, officer entrapment can be argued. Diversion programs may also be available which could lead to the dismissal of the charges. A Tampa Dancer Violation defense attorney can discuss your options based on the facts of your case.

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