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Double Crossing: A Dangerous Junction

Busy crosswalks are a liability for Florida and urban centers around the world. This is the junction where resident pedestrians, wandering tourists, and rushed motorists meet. The combination of forces can be lethal. Even if clearly marked, with visible lanes and working traffic signals, crosswalk accidents still happen. These accidents often involve:

  • Jaywalking
  • Slip and falls
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Speeding, running lights
  • Overtaking stopped vehicle
  • Stepping off curb during right turn
  • Crossing during unprotected left turn

Accidents at busy intersections are especially common when traffic is diverted from highways or pedestrian detours. Because high season seems to last the entire year in Florida, the state has to take extra precautions to protect pedestrian traffic.

Crosswalk Accidents Involving South Florida Pedestrians

Pedestrians suffer a disproportionately higher risk of injury in crosswalk accidents. They lack the steel and protective covering that shelter other drivers. Most pedestrian accidents occur at unmarked crosswalks, where walkers face motorists in a battle of wills. Even marked pedestrian crossings are commonly overlooked by rushing drivers and racing cyclists. Simple rules for pedestrians at crosswalks include:

  • Limit crossing to marked intersections
  • Always cross at right angles to roadway
  • Look both ways before leaving a place of safety
  • No “diagonal” crossing between adjacent intersections
  • Stay on median divider until other side of traffic has cleared
  • Keep tight hold on young children and look out for disabled adults
Crosswalk Accidents Involving Drivers

Motorists have a legal duty to yield the right of way to pedestrians at marked and unmarked crosswalks. This duty extends to pulling out of alleys and driveways into the flow of traffic. While pedestrians should not blindly rush into traffic, motorists must also leave sufficient distance to allow for pedestrian crossing. This means refraining from the following types of negligent driving:

  • Late braking at red light
  • Ignoring bus loading, unloading
  • Speeding in school crossing zone
  • Rushing through unprotected turns
  • Failure to maintain proper “buffer”
  • Driving while intoxicated or distracted

At unmarked crosswalks, Florida law requires that motorists:

  • Fully stop when pedestrian steps into crosswalk
  • Remain stopped until pedestrian can safely pass
  • Yield right of way to pedestrian in your lane of traffic
  • Yield when pedestrian “closely” approaching from other side
  • Do not overtake vehicle that is stopped to allow pedestrian crossing
Liability for Crosswalk Accidents

Personal injury law protects victims injured by the negligence of others. If the crosswalk accident is caused by negligent driving, the motorist may be liable in damages. Even if a cyclist or pedestrian is partially at fault for the accident, courts can reduce the final award by the amount of comparative fault. Negligent parties that breach a legal duty are responsible for any injuries that result. This requires compensating the victim for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. If multiple parties are at fault, they share liability for the accident and must shoulder their burden of the damages.

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