Bus Accidents

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Public Buses & Public Transportion in Florida

As a metropolitan city, Florida would not be complete without its efficient network of buses. Millions of residents and tourists rely on public transportation to shuttle them between school, work, and recreational activities every day. From railway shuttles to the classic yellow bus, these vehicles provide the best form of mass transit. Cutting down on traffic and toxic emissions, they are also essential to going “green.” But not all buses provide a safe joyride. Their distinct features often confuse unwary passengers and cause accidents leading to injury. When boarding, riding, or exiting a bus, look out for the following dangers:

  • Folding sets of doors
  • Falling bags, luggage
  • Number of high steps
  • Exiting in heavy traffic
  • Slippery, blocked aisles
  • Sudden stops and starts
  • Poles and overhead grips
Traffic Collisions Involving Buses

Although rare, traffic collisions involving buses can be devastating. Due to their size and mass, buses are especially prone to certain types of accidents, including:

  • Rollovers
  • Side impacts
  • Skidding, derailing
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Passenger slip and falls
  • Imbalance, overloading
  • Car, motorcycle collisions

Buses have to accommodate various passengers, from rowdy children to fragile adults. Whether the vehicle is meant to transport young students or senior citizens, it must be equipped for its purpose. This means having a ramp to ease the entry and exit of wheelchairs and walkers, ensuring the safe loading of bicycles and other cargo, and providing sufficient seatbelts for passengers. Otherwise, negligent bus companies may be held liable for injuries.

Buses are Commercial Carriers

Buses are not treated as regular automobiles. After a certain weight, vehicles like trucks, tractor-trailers, and buses are classified as “commercial carriers” that require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate. Not everyone can obtain and keep a CDL. The license demands extensive training and maintenance. Some drivers, for example, may be required to undergo periodic drug testing and maintain a detailed log of driving hours. Federal and state laws also require ongoing safety inspections to ensure proper maintenance of the vehicle. Unlike other motorists, the consequences of negligent driving for CDL holders may be more severe. The following conduct may result in suspension or revocation of a CDL:

  • DUI, intoxication
  • Driving extended hours
  • Positive drug/alcohol test
  • Failed maintenance inspection
  • Accidents involving bodily injury
Liability for Bus Accidents

Federal and state laws protect passengers and motorists injured by negligent bus drivers. Federal laws like the Motor Carriers Act make the bus company liable for the negligent acts of its drivers. State laws provide the same liability for negligent drivers of public buses, airport shuttles, and medical transport vans. Under these laws, the responsible “carrier” employing the bus must carry sufficient insurance to cover liability for any injury or death caused by driver negligence. This means that injured victims may be entitled to recover from various parties, including the individual driver, any employer, business, public or private agency, and insurers.

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