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Located in Brandon, Florida, The Lawler Firm is dedicated to personal injury law. My name is Stephen M. Lawler, and I am devoted to protecting the rights of victims injured by the negligence of others. If you were injured in a bicycle accident in Tampa Bay, Florida, or elsewhere, I am here to offer the highest quality representation and work diligently to maximize your legal recovery at trial or through settlement.

Bicycle Accidents Cause Serious Injury

Bicycles are a great way to go places while enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately the roads of Tampa Bay and other areas of Florida are not always “bike-friendly.” Even if there is a separate lane provided, negligent drivers often cross into this area, crowding or hitting the cyclist. It doesn’t matter if cyclists are riding at low speeds since the impact of heavy steel on fragile flesh can be deadly. Front, side, and back-end collisions can eject cyclists from their seats and throw them to the ground. Some of the most common injuries caused by bicycle accidents include:

  • Lost teeth, broken nose
  • Bruises, skin lacerations
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injury
  • Permanent disfigurement, wrongful death
Preventable Bike Accidents Caused by Negligence

Cyclists are at an obvious disadvantage compared to motorists on the road. Even with a helmet, they are less visible and more vulnerable to careless drivers. One moment of inattention on the part of the driver can cause serious injury or death. When this occurs, the injured cyclist may bring a legal action for damages against the driver. Careless drivers breach a duty to exercise reasonable care when their actions injure a cyclist. The at-fault motorist becomes liable for the victim’s damages. Negligent driving causing a bicycle accident may occur because of:

  • Intoxication, impairment
  • Speeding, traffic violations
  • Talking, texting, multi-tasking
  • Rubbernecking, outside accidents
  • Passengers and distractions in the vehicle
  • Failure to leave a sufficient “buffer” zone
Bicycle Rider’s Responsibilities under Florida Law

Florida law requires that cyclists wear a helmet at all times and reflective gear when cycling at night. The helmet and protective gear must pass state and federal safety standards. Never ride on the handlebars of a bicycle, and make sure there is at least one light on the back of the bicycle making you visible to drivers. Do not make sudden maneuvers or “change your mind” during a turn. Careful cyclists always know the hand gestures for turns and stops. Unfortunately, even the most careful cyclists are still outnumbered by careless drivers. If you feel crowded by a rude motorist, stay calm and veer away. Never antagonize an upset driver or purposely cut in front.

What To Do If You Are Injured A Bicycle Accident

If you have already yielded the right of way and are hit by a motorist, perform a quick physical scan of your body. If possible, get as far as possible away from oncoming cars. Hopefully, the driver will stop and offer assistance. Pulling over and rendering assistance to the injured party is required under Florida law. The driver must also secure that party’s transfer to the nearest facility for treatment. Seek medical attention immediately if you are bleeding or feel any pain in your head, neck, shoulders, or back. If possible, get the driver’s contact and insurance information and keep track of all documentation, including medical bills, lost work time, and property damage.

Consult an Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer to Recover Damages for Your Injury

First, know that you are under no obligation to admit fault at the scene of the accident or in a recorded statement. Never let insurance companies pressure you into signing a release or waiver without consulting a lawyer first. You have nothing to lose by contacting me—an experienced bicycle accident lawyer —because consultations and evaluations are always free. From there, I will take care of all negotiations and fight for your rights at no up-front cost to you. Rather than accepting an inadequate offer, make sure you are fully compensated for your harm. I can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Call now. (813) 431-4470. Free Consultation.

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